What Wikipedia Can’t Tell You About DJ Services?

What Wikipedia Can’t Tell You About DJ Services?

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Any person living in modern times would know who a DJ is! There is a high chance that 9 out of 10 people have been to a concert or a wedding with a DJ playing his beats there and got the best DJ service.


You may enjoy grooving on those soundtracks, but have you ever thought about how did a person get to become a DJ?


When it comes to a doctor, teacher, or engineer, everyone can guess the kind of lives they live, but what about the DJs? You may be surprised to know that people still look down upon this profession.

Well, without wasting any more time, let us tell you everything that a normal person wouldn’t know about the best DJ services.

Things You Don’t Know About Best DJ Services


Things You Don't Know About Best DJ Services


Expect A Lot of Politics

DJs can never easily get their way around stuff! They have to work hard and make some contacts too before getting any work.


Be it a nightclub or a wedding, they never exactly advertise for DJs. There is a high chance that a DJ might have to work off on birthday parties or small weddings before getting a big break.


 Before becoming one of the best DJ service providers, a DJ will see a tough time unless you are privileged and have contacts in this industry.

Advertising Your Way Through

Before hitting the milestone of their careers, a DJ would have to take his tracks wherever he goes. This means that to become one of the best DJ service providers, a DJ will have to go out of their comfort zone and play the tunes to attract the audience.


Advertising is a great way to let people know about your presence. If no one knows about you, how do you think people would show up at your concert?

 Charging Way More Than You Expected

There is a possibility that if you are hiring the best DJ service who is far more experienced than an ordinary one, then the amount they charge would be high too. The prices may vary from 100 to thousand dollars!


It usually depends upon the DJ; if you hire someone who is used to work a few gigs per month, then the price would be less. Keeping in mind, experienced DJs have professional equipment, a large music library, and are insured and licensed.

Working Before the Party Starts

Working Before the Party Starts

People often assume that the best DJ service would randomly walk into a party with his laptop and start the fun.  The truth is, being a DJ brings a lot of responsibilities and hard work such as,


  1. Explaining paperwork tasks like drafting contracts
  2. Processing vendor/venue agreements
  3. Getting parking access and gate codes

All of this work could be time-consuming and involve pre-planning, not to forget curating the playlist for special events. Wedding DJ services could be even tougher because they require extra efforts like props, dancers, video projectors, and lighting.


However, a local DJ service would not have to go through this much trouble!

Hating on Bright Lights, Carpets, and Dry Events


Best DJ Service

DJs prefer working in venues with a tile or wood floor instead of using the carpet. This is because carpets aren’t helpful for dancing.


Many people become conscious while dancing, which can be why the best DJ services like to spin in the dark. Not having bright lights on the dance floor gives people the courage to show their real dance moves without being judged.


Well, isn’t this the sole reason why DJs are there in the first place?

Not Always Taking Requests

The best DJ service would never want a dead crowd, and to encourage more people on the dance floor, the DJ would play all different types of songs. He may keep on switching up the genre to appeal to people, but the beats would still be high.


DJs don’t like taking requests because a few songs can kill up a party’s vibe. Keeping all these facts aside, they have already spent hours putting together the perfect playlist then why would they change it?


Not all of them are the same; some of the best DJ services believe that requests are important to get the event going.

Works on Recommendations

DJs who are great at spinning the parties say that they get more clients and recommendations from their previous clients. That’s how word of mouth works!


For a DJ every guest attending his event is a potential client! You may have many wedding DJ services near you that you may have heard of, and that is how you get to know about it. Many DJs have stated that their best recommendation comes from caterers, decorators, venues because who does not like to dance to music?

Part-Time and Full-Time DJs

For some DJs, spinning and playing for people is not a full-time gig. These DJs work as a freelance contractor for several companies and pay them half the price.


For more successful DJs, it is their full-time job, and they work independently. They have their clients and are not involved with any other companies. These DJs are professionals who have tons of experience.


You may be thinking that these full-time DJs may charge a lot, but they don’t. There are many affordable DJ services you may find to entertain you at a very low cost.


These were a few facts that a normal person wouldn’t know!




We have given you a detailed blog of different kinds of best DJ services; all you have to do is ask for recommendations and then hire the one you think can work best for you.


Do remember that not every DJ demands money as mentioned above also. Some of them can provide you with the best experience at a lower price, such as Djjakeboudinot.


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