8 Facts About Best Wedding Reception DJs

8 Facts About Best Wedding Reception DJs

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Every special occasion be it a wedding, a small get-together, a party, or anything, is incomplete without a DJ!


Imagine having a grand wedding planned, but for some reason, you forget to hire a DJ; how do you think your event will go?


The answer here is simple and BORING! A DJ can bring life into any wedding function, and everyone would agree on that. A family spends months planning the perfect wedding, and there is a high chance that somethings would not go as planned.


Now there are certain things which cannot be controlled, but as far as hiring the best wedding reception DJ is concerned, you may just get lucky! All you have to do is, read our blog, and take notes on what we are about to tell you.


We will mention eight facts that a person should know before hiring a DJ for their big day!


Facts About the Best Wedding Reception DJ

Best Wedding Reception DJ

The Force of the Dance Floor

At a wedding, close relatives and friends of the bride and groom can spend the entire evening on the dance floor. This can only happen when you have the best wedding reception DJ playing the right music for you.

It may seem obvious that your DJ will play the music, which will make everyone move, but sadly that is not always the case. It’s a fact that your DJ will only work as per his mood no matter how much you have paid. It is essential that you maintain a healthy relationship with your DJ to ensure your event doesn’t go down the drain.

Look for quality

You may think that hiring an expensive DJ can save up all the bad dances your friends and family have prepared, but this is not true at all.

As mentioned above, also DJs work as per their mood, so instead of looking for the expensive ones, why not look for recommendations? If you really need the best wedding reception DJ, you can blindly trust Djjakeboudinot.com for your next event.

A Pre-Visit for the DJ

This one is a very common fact that most people are unaware of!

Before your big day, you need to show the DJ where your dance stage will be, because it is common for the audience to stand in between. Checking the venue out before can give them a clearer image of,

  1. When to change the tracks
  2. When to play the entrance song for the bride
  3. When to stop playing

Once they have everything sorted, your best wedding reception DJ would set where they can get the most coverage and views!

Booking Issues

Do you know how hard it can be to get the DJ’s dates right before your event?

To spill a little secret, getting the date is not the only issue here. Your booking can often depend on who you know and how convincing you can be. Not just that, a huge portion of the best wedding reception DJ depends on how good that DJ is to the wedding planner.

Yes, that’s a lot of politics!

DJs Hiding Their Records

best wedding reception DJ

DJs have to bring all their records to an event, just in case. It usually happens that clients don’t like a specific track that is being played or if they have a special request. It Is completely normal to get stuck in situations like these.

To keep all their tracks a secret, a best wedding reception DJ would hide his tracks so that the other person doesn’t get to know about that particular beat.

Song Selections

A DJ can help you out in song selections too! You do know how much information they have regarding that, right? Think of the time you can save by merely hitting the best wedding reception DJ for your event and ask him about the songs you should play.

Experienced DJs have first hand seen all the songs which can work and which don’t and are also up to date on all the newest trends and tunes. The only thing to learn is the appropriate time, when to start, and when to stop.

Provides the Best Sound Equipment

Ever been stuck into a situation where you are all set to dance, and the moment you take your first step, the music cuts off? The worst part is when everyone starts booing you, and you lose all the motivation you had.

Every person once in their lifetime has gone through this embarrassment. To save your big day from getting ruined, why not trust your DJ with the sound system? The best wedding reception DJ would have high-quality sound equipment!

Sets Up the Mood

Even if your wedding has become dull and boring, there is always that one thing you can look forward to cheering everyone up. That thing is music!

Especially at a wedding when you feel your guests are about to leave due to boredom! This is when the best wedding reception DJ would pitch in, he would then set up the entire venue’s mood!

These were just a few facts to give you a little information on what goes around in a DJs life!


Now you know a few facts on how the best wedding reception DJs work! After taking in all these facts, you may now decide what you want to do for your next big event!

From handling big important tasks to lighting up the entire room with their music, that’s what DJs are for. We would totally recommend you to consider a DJ who can make your day memorable, and for that, we have Djjakeboudinot.com for you to check out right now! He is known to be the best Wedding Reception DJ in Ohio.

What are you waiting for then? Go and check out all the DJs near you and then make up your mind!

Who is the best wedding reception DJ in your town? Leave a comment below to let us know!


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