The Return of Wedding Receptions Amid COVID-19

The Return of Wedding Receptions Amid COVID-19

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Are you one of those who have been dreaming of the perfect wedding ever since you were a child? Well, there is nothing to be ashamed of because you are not alone in this.

At some point in our life, we all have fantasized about our wedding venue, wedding décor, fancy clothes, and hiring the best wedding reception dj!

But what happens now while we are in the middle of a pandemic? A lot of you must have seen their dream wedding planning go down the drain!

You don’t have to worry now because keeping all the lockdown implementation and SOPs in mind; wedding receptions have made a comeback!

COVID-19 Wedding Reception Planning!

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There is a lot to think about while planning your big day! Whether you are planning to perform the rituals at home, outdoors, or abroad, you need to do some thinking. Since the situation is already fluid, everything needs to be put into perspective, such as your wedding date, location, guest count, wedding food, and wedding dj services.

Let us tell you how to make that perfect list.

Have a Chat with Your Team!

There is a high chance that your team already has everything preplanned for you. From catering and venue to the best wedding reception dj they might have planned it all. This is why It becomes essential that you have a little chat with your planners.

Let them know about how things are going to be, and if they still insist upon carrying their plan further, then ask about the safety precautions. Even if you are having a small event at home, your safety comes first!

If you are wondering what team we are talking about here, by team, we mean your catering team, wedding planner, photography and videographers, wedding dj services, etc. If you have already booked all of them pre-COVID times, then you must talk to your planners before making a decision.

Keep Your Priorities Straight

The first thing you need to do here is call up your wedding venue and see if you can still get a date. There is a possibility that the hotel you have booked for your event has canceled all the bookings due to safety concerns and social distancing policies.

Once you have figured out a way to reach out to your venue team, then comes the time where you need to call all your other required services. You may have booked the best wedding reception dj, but what good would it be if you don’t have a venue?

This is why it is essential to keep your priorities straight and think about what needs to be done first!

Shorten Your Guestlist

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No matter how badly you want a big fat wedding, we would simply and politely say NO!

You may be putting a lot of lives in danger by having 100s of guests on your wedding day. So instead of doing that, why not just have a few close friends and family members there. Let’s be honest about it; in the end, the only people who matter are the ones we love.

Showing off to a bunch of people can be a great idea if the situation was not that life-threatening, but for now, put a stop to it. Shortening your guest list may mean no best wedding reception dj or a famous photographer, but this does not mean you can’t hire local wedding dj services or a photographer who doesn’t charge a hefty amount.

Avoid Spending too Much

Since you are already not going along with your dream wedding planning, you may as well think about cutting a few costs.

Like we mentioned above also how instead of hiring the best wedding reception dj, you may simply go for a normal one. Similarly, instead of having the big wedding buffet, you may cut out a few items or maybe just focus on the cake, because why not?

People spend a lot of money on weddings, while you are getting a chance to save some then take it. You can collect all the remaining money and then put it into your savings account.

Take Every Required Precaution

If you are having a wedding reception after knowing what’s happening around you, it is okay. However, this does not mean that you ignore the fact that we are always exposing ourselves to risks.

To avoid any mishaps from happening, you must ensure all the safety precautions. Make sure that your seating arrangements are distant or every guest coming to your event has a mask on. Provide hand sanitizing stations or just put a few bottles of hand sanitizers on each table.

If you notice anything suspicious or if a guest or family member is unwell, there is nothing wrong with asking them to stay home. This may sound a little rude, but there is no point in risking so many lives.

You now know how to plan a wedding while in the middle of a pandemic; keeping all these points in mind, you may pull out a successful event. We know how hard it must be for you, but it’s okay!  Think about your future with your partner and all the happy moments you both are about to spend and cheer up!


We have given you a complete guide on the return of wedding receptions. If you still want a big wedding, then you can wait for the virus to leave for good. If not, then you are more than welcome to follow our guide and make your special day even more special.

So, plan your day accordingly and dance all your worries out with your loved ones! One thing we can assure you is that you will make a lot of memories.

If you have any questions regarding the wedding reception, leave a comment below and let us know! We might be able to help you more.


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